Radiator And Heater Cleaning Machine

This device (RTD-300) washes the radiator system, water pipes inside the car engine and heater in a wonderful way without having to open a part of the car in 45 minutes. Made by OSM Turkey.

 Device features :

- Connects to the engine without having to open a part of the car

- Digital display screen

- Complete the program automatically

- Equipped with a special washable filter

- Has a fifteen liter water tank

- Equipped with a thirty-five liter pump per minute

- Has a sound alarm to announce the end of work

- Equipped with a heater to heat water up to eighty degrees Celsius

- Has the ability to reverse the washing flow

- Use of suitable detergents with European quality

- Easy to carry

- Has a drain valve

- Beautiful design and durable parts

- There was a dramatic increase

- Save time and money

Technical Specifications :

Power supply : 220V +/- ٪ 10/50Hz

Pump : 220 volts AC / 50 Hz, 0.37 kW 35 liters per minute

Tank capacity : 15 liters

body : Metal 

Resistance : 3500 watts chrome tube