Manual Carpet Washing Machine

Manual Carpet Washing machine is one of the basic machine which is used by new beginners of carpet washing sector. It is the most favorable choice for entrepreneur with tight budget. By manual carpet washer, you can do oriental carpet washing. It  will  provide benefits to have also one  piece manual carpet washing machine in your shop with the automatic carpet washing machine. For this reason, manual carpet brushing machine is basic necessity for all carpet washing sector companies.

Cleanvac carpet washing machine is also use for floor polishing and scrubbing operations. It is preferred by cleaning companies to polish floors of shopping malls, hotels, hospitals etc. It needs expert to polish floors, so we recommend polishing machine to use by a professional polisher master. Floor polishing are used generally to clean floors after building construction. Additionally, to these areas which machines are used, it is also used for mosque and conference room where grounds covered by  wall-to-wall  carpets and can be cleaned by dry foam with low humidity technology integrated to machine.

Cleanvac SC series carpet washing machines are produced for different models as SC 42, SC43, SC 43D, and SC 50. There are two types as hard brushed and soft brushed.

There is also additional one piece of pad holder apparatus. All models are easy to use and practical and can be trained and used in short time. You may change direction of machine by strong holding arm with very little force. Machine will go right and left directions by moving holding arm up and down.