Disinfection Machine

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Cool Sprayer is a new and effective spraying method. One of the important applications of this type of spraying is to counteract the spread of coronavirus worldwide. The liquid used suspends the disinfectant in the air.The droplets created by the CleanWak mist sprayer are 45 microns.The presence of very small droplets in the air causes a thin mist in the used environment which disinfects the ambient air. After spraying and diluting the haze in the environment with a ULV clean and cold cold mist, the created mist should be allowed to sit on the surfaces and disinfect the surfaces as well. Using a cold mist in addition to being one of the newest It is the most effective spraying method, which reduces the use of disinfectants and also increases the accuracy of disinfection.The light weight of the Clean Walk mist sprayer allows you to move the machine easily. Mode You can disinfect under surfaces or even people's clothes.This device can be used in medical offices and hospitals, schools, offices, buses And other closed places. Turkish Klein Vak misting machine is produced in two models: ULV20 and ULV50.

Cleanvac ULV 50,20 disinfection machine provides perfect use in every area you want to use with its ergonomic structure. By loading the disinfectant chemical you want to use into a five-liter chemical tank, you can disinfect in all areas you want. Since it does not have a battery, it allows you to use more with an extension cable. With its powerful pulverizing system, it provides superior hygienic environments by spreading the disinfection chemical you use to more areas.

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0.45 micron

0.45 micron

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