Training on the use and maintenance of Vascazin Gulersan air pump in Turkey

Vascazin Gulersan air pumps bucket model 4030-4050-4130-4150

1. Remove the pellet, spring and pump of the device from the barrel.

2. Pour quality oil into the barrel.

3. Put the pellet, spring and pump inside the barrel.

4. Connect the air hose to the Vascazin air inlet :

  • It is recommended to use a coupling to connect to the device.
  • Coupling makes it easy to work when connecting and removing the air hose from the device.
  • It is necessary to install a pressure relief unit for the device to regulate the air pressure and remove the moisture in it, this will increase the life of the device.
  • The air pressure entering the device should be at least 6 and at most 8 times.

5. When not working with the device, remove the air hose from the device - press the colt of the device after work to remove the air pressure inside the device - this will increase the life of the device.

6. Use safety equipment when using the device.

7. Not close to heat (fire).

8- When using the device, the ground slips due to oil spill and caution is required.

9- Do not spray the oil of the device on any living thing.

10-Daily and weekly service and maintenance of the device :

  • Clean the machine every day after finishing work.
  • Do not use gasoline for cleaning.
  • Check the air and oil hoses and their fittings daily and tighten the fittings.
  • If you do not have a care unit, lubricate the pump from the air inlet with oil number 10.

11-Device failure time :

  • The pump works but the oil does not come in, it is clogged between the pistons or the o-rings are damaged. Open and clean the bottom of the pump and replace them if the o-rings have a problem.
  • The pump does not work, the nail connection is fixed, open the air inlet of the pump and move the nail connection up and down.
  • When you release the collet handle, oil comes out, the collet is out of alignment or the bullet inside it is dirty.