Training on the use and maintenance of Gulersan barrel air pump grease

Grease gun barrel pumps model 2400 - 2450

1- Fill the inside of the barrel with grease and then squeeze it with a special barrel and close the lid for the barrel.

2. Connect the gear outlet of the device with R2 hydraulic hose.

3. Connect the air hose to the air inlet of the pump grease.

4. Important cases

  • It is recommended to connect the air hose to the device by coupling, which allows quick connection and disconnection.
  • The air connected to the device must be controlled by a care unit (pressure breaker) that regulates its humidity and oil. Using this device increases the life of the pump.
  • The air pressure applied to the device must be at least 6 and at most 8 bar.

5. When not working with the device, remove the air hose and press the colt handle to release the air pressure inside the device. This operation increases the life of the device.

6. Use safety equipment when working with the device.

7. Be away from fire.

8- When working with the device, the ground around it is slippery due to falling grease, which should be used when moving.

9. Do not pour grease on any living thing.

10-Daily weekly service

  • The pump must be cleaned daily.
  • Do not use gasoline for cleaning.
  • Check the hose and its connections daily and tighten them if necessary.
  • If you do not have a monitoring unit, oil No. 10 will be poured into it from the air inlet every day, this will increase the life of the device.
  • Gear is recommended for use in device number 2.

11-Device failure time

  • The pump works when the grease does not come, the lower part of the machine is gone or the lower part of the o-ring is damaged, open the lower part and clean the grease inlet and the ball in it, and if it is damaged, replace it.
  • The pump works but the grease does not come, your grease is too hard, add some oil to the grease.
  • The pump does not work, the nail joint is fixed, open the air inlet and move the nail joint up and down several times.
  • When you release the colt handle, the grinder comes off, the colt is out of alignment or the bullet inside it is dirty. From the top, the nut and the connection of the colt handle should be adjusted and the ball should be cleaned.