Training of Gulersan truck wind suction device, model 6600-6640

Gulersan truck suction model 6600-6640

1-Note :

  • Your car oil must be between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Make sure all air outlet valves are closed.
  • Use the coupling to connect the air hose to the device. Using the coupling speeds up the connection and disconnects the air hose from the device. After connecting the air to the device, do not cut off the air until your degree is fixed (at least 400 times Must arrive.)
  • Use the most suitable (reed or trap) to start work.
  • When using the device, make sure that the valves on the tank are closed.
  • After sucking oil from the machine, close the valve on the hose, then remove the straw.

2- To drain the oil from the tank, first make sure that the valves are closed, open the valve from the second air inlet, which has a smaller degree, enter the air up to 5% load, then close the valve and use the large oil hose We evacuate outside.

3. How to use the pan :

  • Place the pan at a suitable height from the machine.
  • Make sure all valves are closed and only open the vacuum valve and the outlet valve.
  • Enter through the coupling to a value that indicates a degree of at least 400 bar.
  • Open the tap on the pan.

4- Important points :

  • Moving on uneven terrain causes the wheels to break.
  • Use the device only for oil suction. If you use the device for suction of gasoline and acidic substances,the device will be damaged and will not suck anymore.

5. Use safety equipment when using the device :

Do not work on the welding machine.
Do not add an extra device to the device.
Check and clean the appliance every day. Do not use gasoline for cleaning.

6-Important :

  • When the air is on but the temperature does not rise, make sure the inlet valve is open.
  • When the air is connected but the air does not come out of the muffler (air outlet), the muffler has its seams taken, which must be opened, clean it and reconnect it.

7. Warnings :

  • If the above is not done, the company will not accept the failure of the device and is out of warranty.