Tips for using the Gulersan electric suction device models 6980 & 6910

Gulersan electric suction models 6980,6910

1.Attention :

  • Close oil outlets before use.
  • Connect electrical connections.
  • Set the key from zero to one.
  • Return the key to its original position after suction.
  • After suction, close the valve on the hose and remove the straw.

2.Oil suction time :

  • First close the valve on the hose, then connect the straw.
  • Choose the most suitable straw (depending on the car)
  • Open the valve on the hose.
  • After suction, close the valve and remove the straw.

3.Things to be careful about :

  • Do not fill more than 8 liters of oil in a lantern.
  • Moving on uneven terrain causes the wheels to break.
  • Use the device only for oil suction. If you use the device for suction of gasoline and acidic substances, the device will be damaged and will not suck anymore.

4.Use safety equipment when using the device :

  • Do not work on the welding machine.
  • Do not add an extra device to the device.
  • Check and clean the appliance every day. Do not use gasoline for cleaning.

5.Warnings :

  • If the above is not done, the company will not accept the failure of the device and is out of warranty.