Familiarity with the tools and equipment needed by an auto service

Tools and equipment needed for an auto service (oil change) :

1- 250-350 liter air compressor.

2. Tube apparatus and rubber apparatus.

3- 90 liter oil suction or 60 liter car or electric.

4. Riding tires.

5. Fixed digital or monitor balance.

6. Jack Lizard and Vault.

7. All kinds of wrenches, hand tools and tool boxes.

8- Grease pump and Vascazin manual or air pump bucket model.

9-Nitrogen wind generator ride.

10-Inflatable box.

11- Uniform wrench, one flat head and one ring head, from size 8 to 32.


13-French wrench 12.

14-Hand pliers and wire and narrow tail.

15- A flag and a bundle of thread.

16- A 7-piece screwdriver with two and four sides.

17-Wind hose.

18-oil funnel.

19-Hammer and ...

It should be noted that these devices are the minimum requirements that are according to different brands in different designs and prices.