Familiarity with hand tools and their application

Today, a toolbox is a must-have in all homes and cars. Having a toolbox can save on extra costs. Toolboxes made of plastic are better than metal toolboxes because they are easier to carry and lighter. Today, these toolboxes are sized in inches. Most people do not know enough about the tools in the toolbox. We will get acquainted with the tools of the toolbox and their application.

Wrenches and its types

Wrenches are an essential tool in the toolbox, and their most important function is to unscrew the Hexagon screws and associated nuts. These wrenches are made according to the size of the screws. The size of the wrenches are divided from 6 to 22 according to the common DIN standard of Iran and are used to open the M6 ​​to M22 screws. Smaller and larger sizes of these wrenches are sold separately in the market and do not fall into the standard category of toolboxes.

Types of wrenches

Wrenches are usually produced in the form of two flat ends, two rims or one flat rim. Wrenches with ring heads can increase the speed of work and the possibility of screws coming out of their heads is low, but in some cases working with Double-ended wrenches cause limitations, so the best way to buy a wrench is a single-ring, single-bed wrench.

Items when buying a wrench

When buying, make sure that the body of the wrench does not have cracks
 The wrench alloy must be chromium vanadium.
 The grooves inside the ring must be regular and of good quality, otherwise it will break down quickly.
Pay attention to the standard code of the wrenches when buying.

Pliers wire and its types

These types of tools are known in English (Pliers),which means crimping wire.

Pliers Handle
It is a tool that is used to apply force to a piece to cut,bend or hold that piece and also to form a wire,cut a wire,tighten a nut and so on.

 Narrow tail
 This tool, as its name suggests, has a narrow tail and is used to hold parts that do not fit properly.

 Chinese wire
It is a tool for cutting and stripping wires.

Whip and crow
These tools are plumbing tools but are in the Pliers category. These wrenches are used to hold the pipe and tighten the pipe.

Tips on buying crimp wires

The intersection of the two pliers should be soft and firm.
When buying, pay attention to the handle of these tools (in terms of pleat, material and insulation of the handle)
Pay attention to the cutting blade of the pliers when buying, do not buy it if it is damaged.
Be careful of the voltage when working with the wire.Some of these insulated wires can not withstand a voltage of 220 and above, and you must use the VDE insulated type of those wires.

Meat screws and their types

Screwdrivers are the most common hand tools among people who open and close all screws regardless of the type of screwdriver. In the following, we will get acquainted with different types of screwdrivers.

Types of meat screws

Meat screws have different categories and types, which include the following types

1- Type of screw

 Four-sided, two-sided (flat), star (Philips), solar and three-feathered.

2- Type of insulation

Terminal (working with electricity) and ordinary

3- Impactability

Flat hammer, steel hammer and ordinary.

Depending on the type of activity you have, you can choose your screwdriver from this category. Screwdrivers are categorized by the size of the screws. For example, a 4 mm flat screwdriver is suitable for unscrewing a screw with a 4 to 5 mm slot, and the Charso screwdriver is usually sized with a pH of PH0 to PH3 in the standard classification. Some screws are standard. They are personalized and the T code is used for the solar screwdriver and the PZ code is used for the star screwdriver.

Tips for buying a screwdriver

To buy a screwdriver, it is necessary to choose at least 8 sizes (5 double-sided and 3 four-sided).
Pay attention to the screwdriver handle when buying.
The screwdriver head is made of vanadium chrome and has a magnet.
Impact screwdriver must have a steel pan and alloy.
To prevent the screwdriver from slipping, it is better to make the body material of Soft Finish or silicone.

Hammers and its types

Hammers are widely used in industry and can be seen in the market. Depending on the use of hammers and the type of use you buy them.

Types of hammers

Hammers are classified according to their weight and type of application. The weight of the hammers is categorized in ounces. 10 to 12 ounce hammers are used for homes. Hammers in terms of type of application include: sharp nails, sharp heads, bullets, wedge hammers and their handles are usually made of saturated wood, but the handles of hammers are more expensive than stainless steel.

Tips on buying when hammering

The most important principle of hammer selection is where the handle is attached to the hammer weight.
The hammer head should have a smooth and polished surface.
The hammer hammer is used for houses and the wedge type is used for cars.
If the hammer handle is wood, note that saturated wood (by oil) must have been used.
Note that hammers are hammers weighing 25 ounces or more and are used for demolition.
French wrench and its types
These types of wrenches are designed in only one model, which is why the designers changed